Mental Health Tee (white mens)

Fundraising campaign tee. 
* pre-sale only. Campaign will run until 7th October, tees will be posted out inline with November. 

*100% of the proceeds of this sale will be donated to the black dog institute. 

* this order is also your entry into the Moevember raffle with a bunch of AWSOME giveaways! 

This year we are also giving each supporter a chance to win! With each mental health tee you buy you’re given an entry into the draw for some donated goods!!!


A weekend getaway package - Byrnecut necut


Sandvick merch- life of mine podcast


10x $50 vouchers- Minset Recuitment


4x $50 Jb-hifi gift cards - Executive Valet Services


$350 pamper pack- price attack Elizabeth SA


Fishing tee- z&tee


Bunch of great stuff- fifo life


Bunnings gift card- GPB repairs


Bunnings gift card- wark and son scaffold


Merch- Dirty Hole Designs


Hellen Fitzroy- commissioned art, books


And still more to come!!


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